3 DAZE keeps that relaxed feeling of the beach with you as you head to bar.

We only use the best Australian cotton, treated to be as soft as cotton wool on your skin.  Organic dyes that don’t fade.  Each piece is gentle scented to evoke memories to stay with you long after the beach day is over.

Clothing that will be in your wardrobe for years to come. Statement pieces that you will keep a lifetime.  Interchangeable pieces that will turn heads.

A touch of bohemian style clothing for woman and men 40+ to keep you comfortable and stylish.

3 DAZE use of colour incorporates the yellow and orange of golden sandy beaches, blue an aqua of the clear blue sea and sky, white foam of the surf.  Green of the grass and trees.  Pink and purple of the evening sunsets.

Iconic Australian images of Vintage cars, bicycle’s, Malibu surf boards.

From beach to bar, this is your new wardrobe.