3 Daze

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Think old school. Think combies, longboards, yukilies.
Think music festivals, sunsets, moonrises, endless summers.
Think the Humble Warrior of the Sea, Soul surfer.
They support the Sea Shepard and Greenpeace.
Commitment to environmental issues, with a particular focus on the ocean and its inhabitants.
Committed to activating ocean-minded people everywhere to support the conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and marine life.
If we all took 3 daze a year to pick up rubbish from the beach and sand dues we could eliminate 95% of the rubbish on the beach.
Campaigning for a 3 daze weekend.

Marketing towards the 30+ fun loving, surfing male who is environmentally aware.

They have a young family and you will find them down on the beach on the weekend teaching their son to surf.
Influenced by the days gone by, they mainly ride longboard.
T-shirts are made from organic hemp cotton, and shorts made of recycled plastic.
The clothing will be stoked in smaller boutique shops and galleries.
Photographic plays a big part of design & prints. Only small runs of each print will be made to make the T’s more unique and one day collector items.
Water Colours–Blues, turquoise, greens


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