RAVEN- Skate

‘Wild Spirit’

Raven is an alternative woman’s skate brand that is designed for dreamers, the wild at heart & the misfits of the world.

Art & beauty make our existences bearable, so dare to be different, stand out with style!

Our skate designs are handcrafted by our artisans giving each piece a unique & one of a kind appeal just like you, so why not leave your mark upon the world.

At RAVEN our artisans travel the globe to bring back unique fabrics, jewellery, cultural pieces & motifs to create our upcycled one off pieces. All our boards, clothing & accessories are pieces are made from 90% recyclable materials. We have a sharp eye for old forgotten treasures that we reinvent & give them new life.

RAVEN was born with the idea to promote & focus on the creative & meaningful side of skateboarding, while offering the best products available. Our mission is to inspire young women to follow their own path and to find a different perspective from the old standard.

RAVEN lets you express yourself without speaking, because what you wear evokes a statement of what you feel!


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