Skate Branding- Amdusias

The main concept for my clothes/accessory line demographic is to have a fashion line for women skaters that ranges from the ages of 15 to 30 years. As there are already many skate clothing lines out there yet, none really are available for women who either skate ( or have a partner who’s passion is skating ) and yet still want to dress with a sense of femininity.

And from that main concept comes the tangents of knowing that the demographic/subculture of skaters is also related to alternative lifestyles and punk rock.

Keeping that in mind the clothes and accessories will be made with natural materials (i.e. 100% cotton ) and sourced from rainforest alliance and fair-trade agreement. Therefore making beautiful alternative clothes and accessories environmentally and socially conscious.

And relating back to the music of the demographic/subculture being punk rock the brand name Amdusias is perfect for the line as Amdusias is the lead member of hells band and yet he takes on the form of a unicorn which is seen as a very mystical and feminine form.

I want to represent a happy middle ground between the Lolitas of the surfing world and the rugged grunge associated with skaters.


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