Raven snowboarding is an up and coming brand influenced by the idea to cater for families and groups taking winter/spring snowboarding trips together.  The brand RAVEN owns a respectful attitude with a corporate style design befriending anyone who is attracted to its logo.

Aiming to become a worldly recognised brand; RAVEN began in Australia originally producing just boards and thermals now is producing boots, bindings, accessories, outerwear, gloves, mittens and goggles, men, women and children’s clothing. Striving for the highest of quality and best innovations and technologies and latest designs using 100% bamboo snowboards. Guaranteeing absolute stability in every manoeuvre while riding the snow.

The board designs are mostly made in series including combinations such as; his and her, mother, father and child (boy/girl), Friends, best friends and groups of people with a number of boards put together making a word or saying a quote or making a picture. You can also pre-order a series or prints with a group photo or image of your choice to be printed and delivered to your snowboarding destination.

By Alana Baker.


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