Bob Mackie has been involved in many types of design including the design of home furnishings, fashion, collectable barbie dolls, luggage, framed fashion and costume illustration and even has his own fragrance. Mackie’s reputation was built designing for and dressing the most glamorous and charismatic women in the world.

After leaving design school he was ready to attack Hollywood and soon became in great demand as an assistant to many of the industry’s top designers, including the famed Edith Head. By the mid-sixties, Mackie was the hot young “Mod” designer and was designing costumes for many of the top television variety specials.

Mackie’s impressive television career has been recognized over the years as he has amassed 31 Emmy Award nominations and nine Emmy Awards. The crowning achievement thus far, however, is his 2002 induction into the Television Academy Hall of Fame. Mackie is the only costume designer in the Hall of Fame, which is a remarkable accomplishment.

As Mackie’s costume design career progressed throughout the 60’s and 70’s, the viability of the Bob Mackie name as a brand became apparent.

Mackie began his first ready-to-wear collection in 1982, which the public loved immediately and expanded to other products in the 80’s and 90’s including his signature fragrance and his collectible barbie doll collection.He also launched the program “Wearable Art” for the QVC television network.

Mackie has been acknowledged as a extraordinary fashion and costume designer. In May 2011, Mackie received the Design Legend Award from the Otis College of Art and Design. Mackie has mentored Otis students for over two decades. Previously, in 2005, Mackie received an honorary doctorate degree from the school. Mackie is one of the few fashion or costume designers to receive this award. Otis College is Los Angeles’ oldest arts institute. Famed Hollywood designer Edith Head graduated from the school.

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