Interior Designer – Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is a prolific industrial designer & interior architect, born in 1960 in Cairo, Egypt. He was raised in Canada by his English parents where he received a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Carleton University, Ottawa.

Residing in New York, Karim manages his private design studio, with offices also located in Manhattan & Amsterdam. He has earned a reputation as a style setter & rule breaker (by avoiding mainstream design concepts), an inspiring & provocative global lecturer, renowned for wearing pink & white accessorised with Alain Mikli & Sceye Sweden designed glasses.

Karim has worked in over 40 countries with his portfolio of expertise compiled from over 3000 designs in production & over 300 awards. He frequently lectures at universities & conferences in order to globally express the importance of design in everyday life. His accomplishments range from furnishings, products (both practical & novelty), clothing (co-founded & designed Babel clothing), even music (composed “Plob” for a German compilation titled ‘The Listening Room’).

“Every business should be completely concerned with beauty. It is, after all, a collective human need.”  –  Karim Rashid

His award winning designs include:
–   Luxury goods for Christofle, Veuve Clicquot, & Alessi.
–   Democratic products for Umbra, Bobble, & 3M.
–   Furniture for Bonaldo & Vondom.
–   Lighting for Artemide & Fabbian.
–   High tech products for Asus & Samsung.
–   Surface design for Marburg & Abet Laminati.
–   Brand identity for Citibank & Sony Ericsson
–   Packaging for Method, Paris Baguette, Kenzo & Hugo Boss.

Interior Designs include:
–   Morimoto restaurant, Philadelphia.
–   Semiramis hotel, Athens.
–   nhow hotel, Berlin.
–   Universita Metro Station, Naples.
–   Exhibition design for Deutsche Bank & Audi.

Karim experiments with a combination of art, fashion & music in his spare time. He is determined to creatively touch every aspect of the physical & virtual landscapes which surround us. His philosophies are based around quality over quantity, space over clutter, clarity over complexity & marriage of both form & function within every design.

“I want industrial design to be a public subject. I want people to love objects the way they love clothing.”  –  Karim Rashid

The book ‘Design Your Self: Rethinking the Way You Live, Love, Work, and Play’ was written by Karim Rashid explaining how to optimise all areas of life (aesthetically & spiritually), while offering comprehensive guidance to readers that is simple to understand. ‘Design Your Self’ comprises of topics ranging from wardrobes, office space, love life & diet, along with offering readers answers to perplexing questions such as; how to pack a suitcase correctly, how to use colours to accentuate a room & how to harness free time in a busy schedule.

“People project meaning onto objects. If an object allows you to interact with it, then it becomes part of your being, and over time you see things in it that first you might not have seen.”  –  Karim Rashid

“Today poetic design is based on a plethora of complex criteria: human experience, social behaviors, global, economic and political issues, physical and mental interaction, form, vision, and a rigorous understanding and desire for contemporary culture. Manufacturing is based on another collective group of criteria: capital investment, market share, production ease, dissemination, growth, distribution, maintenance, service, performance, quality, ecological issues and sustainability. The combination of these factors shape our objects, inform our forms, our physical space, visual culture and our contemporary human experience. These quantitative constructs shape business, identity, brand and value. This is the business of beauty. Every business should be completely concerned with beauty – it is after all a collective human need.

I believe that we could be living in an entirely different world – one that is full of real contemporary inspiring objects, spaces, places, worlds, spirits and experiences. Design has been the cultural shaper of our world from the start. We have designed systems, cities, and commodities. We have addressed the world’s problems. Now design is not about solving problems, but about a rigorous beautification of our built environments. Design is about the betterment of our lives poetically, aesthetically, experientially, sensorially, and emotionally. My real desire is to see people live in the modus of our time, to participate in the contemporary world, and to release themselves from nostalgia, antiquated traditions, old rituals, kitsch and the meaningless. We should be conscious and attune with this world in this moment. If human nature is to live in the past – to change the world is to change human nature.”

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One thought on “Interior Designer – Karim Rashid

  1. Thanks for sharing! As what i have read, Karim is a well known interior architect. He can speaks about how design shapes the future. For me, he is a great architect because he can only speaks how he is going to do with the design and i think his design will relate to the owners personality.

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