Post1: Blues guitar subculture

Based on West African tonal scales harmonies and rhythms, brought  to America by slaves, they build on original style taking it to large  urban centers of the north. New York, Chicago and Saint Louis where it continued to grow and change in the 20th century, trumpeter from Alabama named W.C Handy  was the first to gain public attention playing it. He is know as the father of the blues guitar blues style was know as down home blues played by Lead Belly, Junior Kim-brought and R.L Burnside, some blended it with jazz and R and B blues can be any kind of feeling. Such guitarists like T.Bone Walker and Robert

Johnson played the blues in the early 1920, 1930,s and became one of the most listened to music. It was mostly called Delta blues Delta blues is one of the earlier styles of blues it originally came from Mississippi Delta a region of United States, it stretches from the Memphis Tennessee in the north to Vicksburg. Mississippi is in the south its river on the west to the Yahoo river on the east, Delta blues dominate by the guitar and the harmonica vocals range from soulful, passionate and fiery Delta blues when they first recorded it.It was once again popular in the 50,s with electric guitarist, electri blues such as Willie Johnson, Pat Hare and then rock,n,roll with electric guitarists such as Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. Then in th 60,s with blues and rock,n,roll combined with new blues solos some of those guitarists indued, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and

Eric Clapton blues we always live on.                                                                                           images-9




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