POST 3: Petra Dufkova

Petra Dufkova

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Petra studied in Germany at the International Fashion School Esmond. While she was still a student, she won a Best Illustration Award at China Fashion Week.

Illustrator Petra Dufkova’s use of watercolour gives a romantic contrast to the sharp lines favoured in her sketches. Not typecasting her subject to the female form, Dufkova looks to everyone and everywhere for her inspiration, including the past.

Her moodier work based around taupe, beige and dark grey showcase her artistic versatility; too many illustrators focus on the lighter side of life. Her black on white illustrations portray the darker, more emotional. The series that focuses on facial portraits and palm trees reminds me of the under-side of Hollywood, the un-publicised, shadier side of celebrity.

Pinned Image

She is probably best known for her modern style of painting, which is unbelievably well executed. The edges look so sharp it could almost be vector!

What I loved most about Dufkova’s work are the unfinished outlines, areas of completely empty space sometimes even lacking in colour but it adds to the image rather than making it look unfinished.

Pinned Image



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