Phillippe Starck


Phillippe Starck was born Phillippe Patrick St on January 18th, 1949 in Paris he is a French product and is know for he,s furniture designs. His design,s range from stunning inner design to mass produced customer goods. From toothbrushes to chairs, educated in Paris he founded his first design firm in 1968. Phillippe Starck influences was he,s father he also being a designer, he was famous for domestic objects. Phillippe Starck also lived and worked in New York, London and Italy, he once said a guy who takes a broom and starts to clean the work shop and with the dust he makes new magic.


Phillippe Stark furniture design,s mostly know for his design in Italian manufacturer Kartell, a lot of them were made from polycarbonate plastic. Including the Ghost chair, Bubble club sofa and Armchair the Louis ghost chair this chair featured in Ugly Betty, it also featured in the television series Boston Legal.


A pair sit on the balcon outside Denny Crane,s office were he and Alan Shore end each episode with a cigar and a glass of scotch while discussing the events of the episode. Also involved in the World War II era, Navy chair in the U.S designing a classic furniture collection. His design presence is heavily noted in Los Angeles he, s work is evident in numerous trendy restaurants, lounges and nightclubs including Katsuya, Beverly Hills and S-bar Hollywood.

images-1 http://www.PhillippeStarck/Allmodern-Armchair,stool,tables, http://www.PhillippeStarck-Official


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