Francois Berthoud


Francois Berthoud was born in Switzerland, after finning his studies at school for Design in Lausanne in 1982. Francois Berthoud was recognized as one of the most original fashion illustrators of the late 20th century and the early 21st century he analyzes his subject depth and with an elegant sense of detachment before recreating. It,s in he,s experiences in fashion with a sharp sense of irony, visual culture rooted conceptual art .


Francois Berthoud is known for being the worlds finest creative director for producing images of the female form, that possess as an exacting precision imbued with a latent eroticism. He worked most of the time out of the studio in Milan 2007, he returned to Switzerland and set up a studio in zurich and used he,s unusual technique of wood cutting for he,s illustrations.


He also created an animation cartoons for Italian television and held exhibitions in France, he illustrated for a lot of different fashion designers like Gigi, Krizia, Lacroix, Moschino, Missoni, Mondi, Vivienne, Prada and Romeo. He is one of the greatest heroes not only because of his amazingly beautiful fashion illustrations, but also for high standard of slow work produced linocuts. A technique hardly ever used nowadays.…/francois-bertoud-the-art-of-fashion-illustr…


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