Fashion Designer – Thomas Burberry

Dressmaker Thomas Burberry, born on 27 August 1835 in Dorking Surrey, United Kingdom, founded the Burberry brand when he was just 21 years of age. He completed an apprenticeship at a local draper’s shop prior to opening his own outfitting business called “T. Burberry and Sons” in Basingstoke, Hampshire in 1856.

Thomas Burberry – Brand Founder

By 1870 the business became known as an “emporium” & had established itself by focusing on the development of outdoor attire for local residents & visiting sportsmen who frequently visited the store. Thomas Burberry invented the gabardine in 1880 (a durable, water-resistant yet breathable fabric, in which yarn is waterproofed before weaving). In 1891 Burberry established a wholesale business in London & Thomas Burberry opened his first shop at the Haymarket (now the site of Burberry’s corporate headquarters).

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During WWI Burberry designed military style models of the coats for the British Royal Flying Corps (later known as RAF). The coat had a deep back yoke, epaulets, buckled cuff straps, a button-down storm flap on one shoulder & storm pockets. After the war the Trench coat became popular amongst civilians & was known worldwide as a “Burberry”.

1901: The Burberry Equestrian Knight Logo was developed & registered as a trademark containing the Latin word “Prorsum”, meaning forwards.
1902: Burberry established the “Gabardine” as a trademark.
1909: The “Burberry” was registered as a trademark for the company coats.

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In the 1920’s the iconic Burberry Check, registered as a trademark, was introduced as a lining inside the trench coats. During the 1960’s Burberry was exposed to the fashion scene & the famous check was seen on umbrellas, luggage & scarves. The distinctive tartan pattern is now one of the most recognisable in the world. In the 1980’s the company started to renew its brands & trademarks, accompanied by retail expansion, opening stored in New York & other major cities.

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Clean lines, classic style, and traditional colours (offshoots of the red, black, beige, and white Burberry check). The clothes are striking in their simple beauty.

Burberry London - Men's Tailored Clothing.

Burberry London – Men’s Tailored Clothing.


“Helping young people realise their dreams through the power of their creativity.”

The Burberry Foundation, established in 2008, is a registered charity in England & Wales. The organisation is dedicated to supporting young people & assisting them to realise their full potential while thriving in the world they are inheriting. The Burberry foundation has inspired over 44,000 young people through generous global donations from Burberry employees & customers.

This has been achieved by the combination of financial support along with the creativity, knowledge & dedication of Burberry employees. In the past Burberry has clothed & encouraged explorers, today the Burberry Foundation continues to do so, by helping young people navigate the uncertain experience of their age & the complex world in which they are living. The Foundation aims to inspire the innate creativity of young individuals with guidance & support, enabling them to develop new skills, confidence & ambition in order to realise their dreams.

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