Post :5 – Fashion Designer – Vivienne Westwood

  Vivienne Westwood was born 8th April 1941 and is a famous British Designer who brought modern punk and new wave* (basically the reinvention of Rock n Roll of the 1960s, it incorporated few kinds of other influences) fashion into the mainstream.
          vivienne-westwood-punk-couture-300x300           images-3
Vivienne Westwood says “Sometimes you need to transport your idea to an empty landscape and then populate it with fantastic looking people.”[9]                     viviennewestwoodshoe4
The pair of heels designed by Westwood in
which Naomi Campbell famously stumbled while modeling at Westwood’s fashion show in 1993[8
                                          A Video to watch on the link below.

Westwood started to sell her designs in her husband’s shop “Let it Rock” in1971. When the Sex Pistols, the English Punk Rock band formed in London in 1975, wore the designs from the shop of Westwood, Punk style started to become popular!

  Westwood has very significant impact on changing the fashion and this can still be seen today, her shocking designs were very influencial and were the best proofs of her work. Westwood is widely known asa political activist and this reflects in her designs.
In 1992, Westwood was awarded an OBE, which she collected from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace
    Westwood has six exclusively-owned shops; four in London, one in Leeds, and one in Milan. Franchise stores are located in Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, three in Manchester (Spring Gardens in the city centre and two others)[citation needed] and most recently, in FH Mall, Nottingham (20 March 2008),Blake Street, York (11 September 2008) and Cardiff City Centre (September 2012).{} She also has showrooms in Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and Honolulu.

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