Costume Design- Erté

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Erte was one of the foremost fashion and stage designers of the early twentieth century. At the young age of 5 Erte confounded expectation by creating his first successful costume design which then allowed him to pursue his desire to become a fashion illustrator. In 1912 he moved to Paris to study in the field of design. In 1915, he secured his first substantial contract with Harper’s Bazaar magazine which lasted for 22 years. And thus launched an illustrious career that included designing costumes and stage sets. During his long and illustrious life he influenced not only the world of theatre, film and fashion, but an entire art movement as well, that was to become known as “Art Deco”. His creations for the stage included extravagant designs for productions at such venues as New York’s Radio City Music Hall, the Casino de Paris and the Paris Opera, but is best remembered for his work in the Folies-Bergères and George White’s Scandals which show his love for the exotic and romantic, and his appreciation of the sinuous and lyrical human figure. As well as the music-hall, Erte also designed for the opera and the traditional theater.  On his death in 1990, he was hailed as the “prince of the music hall” and “a mirror of fashion for 75 years”.


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