Post 3 – Tobie Giddio, Fashion Illustrator

Tobie Giddio

“Fine art and fashion coexist simultaneously and equally. There is an understanding. Each is in constant service to the other in a quest to express in the most extraordinary way possible.” -Tobie Giddio

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Tobie Giddio was born September 10th, 1963 and grew up in New Jersey, USA. In 1986, New York, she graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in illustration, Tobie then later teaching in the illustration department of F.I.T.

She lives in New York where she is very involved with the study of African Dance, especially from Senegal with it’s social and traditional dances.

One of Tobie’s first assignments were for designer Norma Kamali and Bergdorf Goodman, she also illustrated for in the New York Times.

Relying on her inner memory, she stopped drawing from live models and poleroids in the 1990’s, she also started using more dramatic colours.

In the 1980’s she had started to initiate the simplicity of classic fashion, which she then started to further refine and simplify in the 1990’s. The simplification process created the natural progression towards deconstruction and abstraction.

Projects she has done in fashion have included work for Seibu Department stores, Neiman Marcus, The Limited stores and Ann Taylor Inc. who commissioned work for their windows and in-store displays. Some of her more recent work includes commissioned pieces for Apple Computers and Tiffany & Co.

Tobie’s work has also appeared in numerous publications including George, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar, Interview, Manhattan File, Marie Claire, Mode, the New Yorker and various editions of Vogue. Her corporate clients include Ann Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, Garnet Hill, Giorgio Armani, Philip Morris, Pucci Mannequins, Nadrea, Max Factor, Seibu Department store in Japan, Barneys New York, Calvin Klein, Revlon and Tocca.


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