Raphael Vicenzi – fashion illustrator

Raphael Vicenzi is a self-taught illustrator from Brussels, Belgium. He has a very interesting style and technique, especially with his lines and colors. He includes an element of fashion in his illustrations and this lends a unique sense of appeal to his work. His illustrations are an inspiration and it was a pleasure to know more about him and his work.

how he got started and where he did his training:

It was by mistake and I am self-taught. I thought I would be a graphic designer or web designer but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I realized that I was doing illustration instead and I kept doing just that. I am a late bloomer. Honestly, I never thought I would make it, there were times where I wanted to give it all up because I wasn’t that good. I am still learning.

work as an illustrator – daily life?

Well I live a pretty boring life but I like it. I wake up early and after a while I start to work on commissions or personal illustrations. I am constantly working, even if I am not on the computer, my mind is geared towards finding a new idea or seeing colours and patterns everywhere.

What tools/techniques he  use’s  in creating your illustrations?

I scan a lot of watercolours, doodles, textures and then I work the whole in PS, with very few effects, PS brushes, masks, layer modes and that’s nearly it. I found that by limiting myself in this way I could work better and just try to get to the core of an idea. I admire people who possess great painting techniques though.

 moments of:

struggle or  difficulty in coming up with a concept?

Sometimes it’s more that I have all these ideas but I can’t pull them out of my head in a nice way. The more I struggle to do something within a strict deadline the less it will be natural and it will feel forced. That does not mean that there is no hard work before but there is a tipping point where it all comes together. I don’t cope well with the creative block, I just clench my teeth until it’s over.

his role of fashion in his drawings?  important element in his work?

I don’t know, it just made sense to me to use the fashion imagery and turn it into something else. I do appreciate how some fashion designers and photographers pay attention to details and create something really unique, despite that there are a lot of things that are really terrible in the fashion industry, especially how it impacts younger girls in making them believe that it’s the only ideal for femininity. I guess I had to take it all back somehow, put glitter and bones where they belong and give it a new more personal and intimate meaning.

how he formed his signature style?

Step by step and very slowly but I was not aware of it. I don’t even really think that I have a signature style because to me it always evolves but within certain constrains. I think it all comes down to assimilate influences and making them mine somehow.

his Inspirations:

A lot, I’ll name a few, Tom Bagshaw, Banksy, Daniel Egneus, Stina Persson, David Foldvari, Muscha and on and on…


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