Fashion Illustration- Anna Wintour

 ‘You either know fashion or you don’t ‘ – Anna Wintour

A legend in her own right, even if you know nothing about fashion, or have never read VOGUE or even heard of it… ( is that even possible?)   Chances are, you’ve heard of Anna Wintour. She is one of the most famous Editors in Chief around. Fashion designers literally beg her to sit front row at their shows.  Known for always being 10 minutes early, which is unheard of in the fashion industry, especially for someone with her status, ‘The Queen of Fashion’ is one that she has earned, and will stay with her for life.


Born in London, her father was the editor of the London Evening Standard, and was known as ‘Chilly Charlie’. It seams Anna followed suit, becoming an editor and quite ‘chilly’ herself.

“Growing up in London in the ’60s, you’d have to have had Irving Penn’s sack over your head not to know something extraordinary was happening in fashion”, she recalled.

She dropped out of school and spent her youth in night clubs rubbing shoulders with the likes of the Rolling Stone and the Beatles, and it has been said that she spent a week behind closed doors with Bob Marley.  This lady would have some stories.  Having her own unique style, she pushed the boundary as a teenager, cutting her hair to the signature bob, which she still rocks to this day.


Her fashion shoots are legendary. She was one of the first to mix high street fashion with high end designers and would spend thousands on traveling to exotic locations to get the perfect shot, only to decide she doesn’t like it.


The streets of London are where she found her inspiration. She moved to New York in her early 20’s where she worked for many magazines until she made her way to Vogue, where she has been the Chief Editor since 1988. She revived the publication and became one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry. She influences fashion.  Rumors of retirement are constantly swirling, but I don’t think Mrs Wintour will be leaving her throne any time soon.





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