Architect, journalist, eclectic artist, fashion and clothing illustrator, Maddalena Sisto (known as Mad) is the only Italian fashion and design illustrator who is internationally known. Mad passed away in Milan in July 2000.

MadSisto_1 She moved to Milan, where she devoted herself to fashion, custom, design and trends collaborating with the Condè Nast (Vogue) publishing group. She also worked on the editorial board of Italian Vogue in Milan. Maddalena has published her drawings in many international publications, among them Vogue, Glamour, Elle Decor, Marie Claire, the New Yorker and Vanity. She has created advertising campaigns with Fiat, Peter Stuyvesant, Bulgari, Fiorucci, Bisazza, Lycra Dupont, Absolut Vodka, Ceramica Bardelli, Lavazza, Missoni and Mont Blanc.


MadSisto_3 Maddelena developed a unique style, full of irony and humour in an unusual way captured both Italian fashion and society, as well as her own dreams and fears. She created many women’s figures (her favourite subject) always with irony; she portrayed the defects and the virtues of women of our times. Women were represented in extraordinary mutations inspired by plants and furniture. Her illustrations captured so many things and emotions in such a few lines; the dress, fashion, the women, her obsessions, her weakness and a lot of sympathy. Her drawings are eccentric and allowed society to imagine women, fashion and body image in a different, almost comical way.

MadSisto_2 MadSisto_5MadSisto_6


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