Post 1 – Subculture Tennis

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Subculture – Tennis

Fashion –

The fashion design aspect of tennis has changed through the many years of tennis. Some of the styles back in the late mid 1800’s for the men were long flannel pants, shirts, cardigans or sweater vests. These soon changed around about the 1930’s where male tennis players opted for shorts and shirts. The tennis fashion for women back in the days were long skirts and long sleeved shirts, as time went on, the skirts hemlines were put up to their knees and the skirts slowly got shorter to the time we are in now. The shirts were the same for women, they were slowly rolled up to show more arms. These days the clothing for men are shorts and collared shirts, for women they have dresses that fit to their bodies, skorts (skirts and shorts) and tank tops or collared shirts. This is so that they are more free, to movement of getting the tennis ball.

Hairstyles –

The hairstyles of tennis for women is up in ponytails, plaits, braids, buns so that their hair is not in the way of them trying to see the tennis ball or distracting them. This is also the same for men with shortish-longish hair, they have it in a ponytail or they have hats or bandanas to keep their hair out of there face.

Equipment –

The design aspect of the equipment these days is a lot different to what is was back in the mid to late 1800’s when they first started out. The equipment these days, the racquets, the strings for the racquets have changed to suit the player, so one player could want more spin, they would choose strings that are suited to spinning the ball. The racquets are bigger and more wider, then when tennis first started as the head of the racquet was small and made of wood, as to now when they are made from titanium and have bigger and wider heads to play with.

Shoes –

The style of shoes hasn’t really much changed, the only reason they have changed is so that they are more suited to your feet, as everyone has different type of feet. The technology of fitting and suiting your feet to the type of sand shoe or sport shoe, to give more comfort to your feet while you are continuously running around the court for hours at a time.,16359


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