Post 1. Fairy Subculture. Jo Lorenz

.  It is said that “Fairies are the guardians of the land so they have a natural affinity with their environment, and many humans feel the same way. This is where the lines blur between the fairy world and the human world”. Therefore it is not surprising to hear the Fairy Subculture labeled “Green peace Chic “.

It is becoming increasingly common to hear of Festivals dedicated entirely to the Fairy  Subculture. All over the world they are taking place.Where you gather to celebrate a belief in the magical and a love of the sacred earth.

There are countless magazines out there dedicates to the wonder of Fairies. The Faery Magazine,Fae Magazine, Spirits Magazine. and countless websites and blogs that discuss  everything from their belief in fairies to how to make a wooden fairy house for your garden.

The Fairy Subculture has really taken off in the clothing area. There are many shops even locally on the north coast for example:  A Faeries Tale in Mullumbimby, Fairy Floss in Byron Bay and online stores there are many to chose from if you wish for some fairy attire or accessory there is no limit to what you can buy. Slideshow Image 3

Many Jeweler designers  now sell a collection of Fairy inspired jewelry, IYOS  and Heilala Jewellery and have a look at a piece from the Sarah Sawyer Collection below.


Fairy Art is really taking off they recently held a very popular exhibition at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts. There is now readily available a number of children s book that have been published because the artist designing and illustrating these books are very talented with fairy art. For example Shirley Barber.

and Selena Fenech

Art Print - Along the Forest Path by Selina Fenech


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