Post 1 – Environmentalist

‘You must be the change in the world that you wish to see’

Mahatma Gandhi

Tress huggers, greenies, naturalists call them whatever you want, but the Environmentalist movement is here. The word was first coined in 1955, prior to this it was known as conservation. The concern dates as far back to 1272, when King Edward I banned the burning of sea-coal due to the air pollution. Ironically, many Nazis were in on it, with case studies showing a large number of them were vegetarian and highly involved with animal rights movements.


In The 70’s, The Chipko movement was formed, Gandhi being the driving force, setting up peaceful resistance to deforestation by literally ‘hugging trees’, hence the term. Their peaceful methods of protest and slogan ‘ecology is permanent economy’ were very influential for their time.

More recent movements include Earth Day, Earth Hour & Clean up Australia Day. Organisations such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF), The Sea Shepards and GreenPeace encourage positive action toward climate change and conservation.

go green

The words reduce, reuse, recycle are commonly heard in everyday conversations. The sustainability factor is defiantly the talk of our times, playing a major role in the affects influencing every day life. A prime example, houses and buildings are now being built using sustainable materials with their ‘footprint” on the forefront of designers and consumers interest.


In recent years being ‘Green’ has become quite fashionable. The ever popular peace sign is adorned by environmentalist. Hemp, being a sustainable product is commonly used in clothing. In recent years, recycled plastic bottles have been manufactured into board shorts, with Patagonia being the pioneers of this and Billabong following suit.

environment word cloud

The surfing community is heavily influenced by environmentalism, believing they are very connected to the ocean and earth. Pro surfers such as Dave Rastovich have created campaigns to save the whales and to clean up the oceans.


The environmentalist movement is reaching celebrities from all facets. Many musicians such as Xavier Rudd, John Butler, The Roots, Jack Johnson, Perry Farrell and Moby to mention just a few, all campaign for change. Many set up organisations, donating to, even just putting their names to a cause, bringing much needed attention and focus to our changing earth and conveying what it means to be passionate for what they believe in. Leading the way in our modern culture to live by example and being the change they wish to see.



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