Post 2- Ettore Sottsass, Jo Lorenz

A quote from Ettore Sottsass “A chair must be really important as an object, because my mother always told me to offer my chair to a lady,”

Ettore Sottsass began to be influenced in design at a very young age, his father was an Architect. Ettore studied with Politecnico di Torino and graduated in 1939 with a degree in architecture. He went on to create a name for himself in the design industry through working for the famous company Olivetti creating style, form and colour never seen before in office equipment.

In 1970 Ettore started designing chairs the “Synthesis 45” with the company Olivetti.

Later in the 1970s he began to feel that his work was being stifled and so he left the corporate world to become a leader of a radical movement called the Memphis Group.And later Ettore went on to creating a major design industry in his name,working on architecture in major size and internationally.

 He continued his chair designs with the companies Knoll International, Alessi, Poltronova, Serafino Zani. His designs continued to stand out from the rest as he devoted his life and work to dismantling the past in his various roles as an artist, architect, industrial designer etc.

West side chair for Knoll

He felt that design shouldn’t be just about the fundamentals it should also be sensual and exciting.

At the age of 82 he began his last designs for chairs. He collaborated with the company Emeco. Ettore Met the Chairman for Emeco and began to discuss how Ettore had such admiration for the Navy Chair that he wished he had designed it. They then went into discussion about Ettore re-designing the chair. And with that the last Ettore Sottsass chair collection was created and titled the ‘nine o collection’.


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