The Otherworld (Celtic)

The Otherworld:

Home of Danu and the other Irish deities known as the Tuatha Dé Danann, which means the “People of the Goddess Danu”. It was said to be situated in some distant land, possibly an island or group of islands.

The “Otherworld” was a realm of Celtic deities or supernatural beings such as the “Fairy People” and “Good Folk”. Considered by the people to be a Celtic version of heaven (or to the Christian writers Hell). They were hidden by strong Otherworld powers from the mortal eye, appearing only at night for the mortals to glimpse then vanish in the morning as mysteriously as they appeared. These portals were situated in all sorts of places such as: Forests, dunes,rivers and lakes, or in cottage or castle. The association of oak, ash and thorn may also mark an entrance to the otherworld.


The apparel of the fair folk has become a popular fashion worn today. Clothing stalls such as Fairy Floss, Etnix, Symbiosis and sylph all situated around the byron bay area are shops fully dedicated to the selling of attire represented to be worn in the fairy realm. items such as jewelry, belts and headpieces can be found in these shops or at festivals, for example; Earth Frequency, Rainbow Serpent, Maitreya and many more happening within Australia  each year. These festivals focus a lot on the appreciation of the natural world and the desire to look after it as the Good folk and Faery folk strive to do.


The digital world of involving faeries is widely viewed through magazines such as Faerie Magazine and Fae Magazine; both depicting the beauty and enchantment so many viewers find when seeing and reading about there secret realms. The author Juliet Marillier has produced many series and books relating to the historical and mythological beliefs of the celts, all having a deep involvement with the Faerie folk.

Main beings living in the Otherworld:

Tree Faeries

Tree Nymph

Green men



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