Sub Culture: Street Artist

The subculture I have chosen to research is the subculture of ‘Street Artists’. This subculture focus’s on the art form and the tools needed more then a unique fashion statement. They express themselves, their values and opinions through their art.

Street artist use many different, techniques, styles and equipment to do this including stencilling, paste-ups, spray cans, stickers, tags, sculptures ect. One of the most commonly associated pieces of equipment of grafftti artists is the spray can. Another piece of equipment used by some street artists is a gas mask. Street artists that use spray cans to create their work often wear gas masks to reduce harm to their lungs due to the fumes produced. Another reason street artists may wear a gas mask or something similar that covers their face such as a bandana or custom mask is to conceal their identity. Because most street art is illegal many street artists do as much as they can to hide their identity for fear of being recognised when caught in the act. Other items of clothing that can help conceal their identity are hats and hoodies.

There are many different topics, issues, techniques, values, and styles used by various street artists that effect the type of work they do and where they place it. Some street artists try to make political or human rights statements, some mark their own territory or their crew or gangs territory, some like to so more illustrative or decorative work, some use text, some use images but all street artist are trying to display their work in a public arena.

Many street artists are considered vandals and are often on the look out for law enforcers such as police or security. However some street artists are commissioned or given the chance to create public murals in which case they are not participating in an illegal activity.

There are many sites on the internet that display street art. Some sites also sell merchandise by the street artists. There are also various magazines that display street art. There are also all different types of spray paint with different colors and transparency, spray paint caps for different thicknesses, different brands and types of markers that can be used for tagging. The two most popular spray paints for the serious street artist is Ironlak and Molotow. These are the sort of consumer goods used by street artist.

There is a vast use of different forms and techniques of both typography and illustration used by street artists with each street artists have their own unique style. However the techniques and styles and equipment they use can separate them in to different sections within the subculture eg: illustrative, typographical, stencil work, paste-ups sculpture ect. This subculture does not have a particular style of dress, music, hair or jewellery but is sectioned into this subculture because of their artistic expression on the streets. It is an international community that is spread over the whole globe.

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