Sub-Culture: Extreme Metal-Deathcore

A Sub Culture lead by Bands such as Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Thy Art Is Murder, Job For A Cowboy, All Shall Perish, Carnifex And Despised Icon and the Design of Graphic Artists Grindesign, Marco Hasmann, Par Olofsson, Mark Riddick, Headsplit Design and Hal Rotter.

The Designers Work.

Body adornment: Adorned in an extensive collection of Tattoo’s, covering any part of the body, even previously taboo areas such as the neck, hands and face. Often containing Satanic, Pagan and Biblical imagery, with elements of traditional tattoo design such as Flash Tattoo.

Graphics: Borrowing more from the Death Metal imagery than Hardcore, utilizing intricate imagery with gory and violent imagery with themes of Anti-Religious, Anti-Government and Horror Content. Largely produced through use photo-shop and Illustrator after beginning with a basic sketch, however there is a high value and respect for  the works of Artists/Designers such as Mark Riddick and Par Olofsson who create their images through traditional Paint, Illustration etc. What follows is a sped up version of premier Deathcore designer “Grindesign” process in creating an image for Australian Deathcore band Far West Battle Front.


Hair: Short “Buzz Cuts” are common however Long Hair is also, as the Culture is a fusion of two existing sub-cultures of Hardcore and Death Metal where these hairstyles are common, respectively.

Chest: Band T-shirts are by far the most common element, supporting your favorite bands being of great importance, however cut off sleeves and singlet’s are widespread due to the nature of Deathcore mosh pits and touring. Also recently there has been a resurgence of traditional Metal elements such as “Battle Jackets”.

Pants: Denim pants and shorts are common as well as “Mosh Shorts” which are essentially basketball shorts, however printed with band insignia rather than a sporting team and are a practical choice due to the style of dancing or moshing making movement easier.

Feet: Generally small canvas shoes such as Converse or Vans, also practical for moshing or Live performance.

Jewelry: Little Jewelry, although high gauge stretchers are common.

Stretched Lobe






Symbols: Symbol’s within the culture are heavily related to religious contradiction, for example inverted crosses are used extensively as well as demonic sigils and imagery.

Use Of Inverted Cross Symbol









Another common element especially in the newer direction of bands is this political subversion, lead by bands Job For A Cowboy and Molotov Solution, showing a progression in lyrical themes away from gore and anti-religious sentiments and towards a more socially and politically aware movement.

Politcal Imagery









Logographic: Most bands within the movement have logo’s whether through the use of Typography or Symbolism or both.


Graphic Logo











These are logos for influential Deathcore band Whitechapel, Above being the Typographic and the Below being symbolic.

The Typography within Deathcore is most prominent within logo design for the bands, each band having their own one off font created for their band making the name not only text but also an image.

Suicide Silence TypographyI Shall Devour Typography












Clothing: In addition to the everyday dress, there is a strong persuasion within the culture towards lyric Tees’ as the lyrics of a band and their message is very important to the audience, whether it is social commentary or just lyrical shock value for example this very common Suicide Silence shirt.

Suicide Silence Lyric Tee







Both Advertising and Flyers are centered around the imagery and logo’s of the band, usually with a grand image affiliated with the band as backing, for example, the advertising and tour posters/flyers as well as internet “lyrical flyers” for their recent album Hate’s release.

Hate Album Cover

Hate Album Cover








Australian Tour Flyer









Australian Tour Flyer

European Tour Flyer









European Tour Flyer


Hate Lyric Flyer









Internet Lyric Flyer


Sub Culture: Street Artist

The subculture I have chosen to research is the subculture of ‘Street Artists’. This subculture focus’s on the art form and the tools needed more then a unique fashion statement. They express themselves, their values and opinions through their art.

Street artist use many different, techniques, styles and equipment to do this including stencilling, paste-ups, spray cans, stickers, tags, sculptures ect. One of the most commonly associated pieces of equipment of grafftti artists is the spray can. Another piece of equipment used by some street artists is a gas mask. Street artists that use spray cans to create their work often wear gas masks to reduce harm to their lungs due to the fumes produced. Another reason street artists may wear a gas mask or something similar that covers their face such as a bandana or custom mask is to conceal their identity. Because most street art is illegal many street artists do as much as they can to hide their identity for fear of being recognised when caught in the act. Other items of clothing that can help conceal their identity are hats and hoodies.

There are many different topics, issues, techniques, values, and styles used by various street artists that effect the type of work they do and where they place it. Some street artists try to make political or human rights statements, some mark their own territory or their crew or gangs territory, some like to so more illustrative or decorative work, some use text, some use images but all street artist are trying to display their work in a public arena.

Many street artists are considered vandals and are often on the look out for law enforcers such as police or security. However some street artists are commissioned or given the chance to create public murals in which case they are not participating in an illegal activity.

There are many sites on the internet that display street art. Some sites also sell merchandise by the street artists. There are also various magazines that display street art. There are also all different types of spray paint with different colors and transparency, spray paint caps for different thicknesses, different brands and types of markers that can be used for tagging. The two most popular spray paints for the serious street artist is Ironlak and Molotow. These are the sort of consumer goods used by street artist.

There is a vast use of different forms and techniques of both typography and illustration used by street artists with each street artists have their own unique style. However the techniques and styles and equipment they use can separate them in to different sections within the subculture eg: illustrative, typographical, stencil work, paste-ups sculpture ect. This subculture does not have a particular style of dress, music, hair or jewellery but is sectioned into this subculture because of their artistic expression on the streets. It is an international community that is spread over the whole globe.

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Relate this post to your 3D Brief for the invitation to “Sitting Pretty” Exhibition of Twentieth century chairs. The exhibition will highlight the work of iconic Designers such as Mies van de Rohe, Harry Bertoia, Ray and Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Fritz Hansen, George Nelson, Marc Newson, Noguchi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Verner Panton, Gerrit Reitveld, Ron Arad, Ettore Sottsass, Tom Dixon, Saarinen, Marcel Breuer, Philippe Starck, Hans Wegner. Research one of the above designers and make a post of 250 words, 5 images and 5 links. Due march 11, 2013


Relate this research to the Character Design brief for your 2D class and select a C19th / 20th/ 21st Subculture to research e.g. Punk, Cyber Punks, New Romantics, Surf, Skate, Gothic, HipHop, Cowboy, Alternative religion, Environmental,Hippies, Gay and lesbian, etc Examine the design industries that service the subculture e.g. Body adornment, graphics, fashion, jewellery, object, architecture, fabric, furniture, symbols, logographic, typography, illustration, animation, magazine layout, clothing, posters, flyers, advertising etc. make a post of 250 words, 5 images and 5 links. Due March 11, 2013

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I am the FIRST!


I win so here’s a picture of a design that my band just got commissioned of Remy C at Head-split designs in Europe. It’s a draft for the cover for our new CD

Sorry if I am not using this properly, I just wanted to make sure I was using this site right…